How A Semi-Truck Injury/Accident Settlement Is Different

All motor vehicle accidents are unfortunate events, though not all motor vehicle accidents are similar. For example, an accident which involves a semi-truck is quite different from a fender bender between two sedans. Additionally, semi-truck operators are required by both state and federal regulations to have insurance policies that are much larger than those carried by drivers of small passenger vehicles. Furthermore, most semi-truck accidents involve several parties; therefore, establishing liability can be a long and complicated process, one involving numerous attorneys and experts.

Getting a qualified and experienced semi-truck accident lawyer on your side to help you navigate a complicated case could prove to be a worthwhile investment. 

It can be helpful to be familiar with the aspects that make semi-truck accidents different from other motor vehicle accidents. Here are some helpful points to consider…

Understanding State and Federal Regulations

A number of state and federal laws apply to semi-truck operators, owners, and manufacturers. Some of the things that are regulated include: how much weight a truck can haul, how long a driver can operate a vehicle without adequate sleep, and how manufacturing and repair are supposed to be conducted. If a regulation is not met or a law is broken (resulting in a roadway accident), then it’s possible the party which did not meet the regulation or broke the law will bear most of the responsibility.

In terms of a semi-truck accident case, an at-fault party may be ordered to pay the maximum amount his/her insurance policy allows. Even if an at-fault semi-truck driver is carrying the minimal amount of insurance required by law, a party that suffered injury and/or damages because of the accident could receive more than what’s covered by the driver’s insurance policy. This aspect of semi-truck accident cases is not similar to the minimum insurance requirements for smaller passenger vehicles.

Handling a Case That Has Multiple Defendants

Accident cases that involve multiple defendants often require more time to get settled or litigated, and it’s also true that these cases can be quite complex. This is one reason why hiring a truck accident lawyer is absolutely essential. Unlike traditional accidents that typically involve two or three parties, accidents which involve semi-trucks can have over a dozen parties, some of which may experience significant loss (loss of life) or damage (a totaled vehicle).

Establishing liability in a case that involves multiple parties often requires intense legal work, a lot of cooperation, and timely actions. Local, state, and federal laws have a lot to do with how liability is determined. Obtaining a settlement in a semi-truck accident case is often difficult for a variety of reasons, primarily because parties do not want to pay for more than what they’re responsible for.

Who to Hire for Semi-Truck Accident Representation

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