Case Studies

Our clients’ stories are unforgettable to us.  In seeking just compensation for them, our mission is always to reveal each of them as unique human beings –showing not only the depth of their loss but the true measure of what was needed to help them rebuild their lives and live again.

Often, the most compelling and persuasive truth of a case is hidden among the many details or leaves laying on the forest floor.  We don’t rest until we’ve brought this truth to light.  We are forever humbled by our clients’ suffering, their hopes, their determination to heal.  Their trust is sacred to us.

Here are a few case studies from when Sandberg Haddon Law Firm was started in October 2008.

Case Study 1

Policy limits exceeding a million dollars was paid to a forty-eight-year-old widow who was a single-parent mom working full-time as a nurse to support herself and her family was thrown from her motorcycle when a truck driver didn’t see a red, stop light.

Case Study 2

Multi-million-dollar settlement when farm implement didn’t stop before crossing a rural intersection and killed a young husband’s wife and the mother of his baby boy.

Case Study 3

Young man hit head-on while sitting in a parked car hurting his low back. Later, surgery needed resulting in large, six-figure settlement.  It pays to wait.

Case Study 4

Policy limits exceeding one million dollars paid to young, pregnant mother who was seriously hurt and lost her baby when semi-truck went through a rural intersection without seeing the stop sign.

Case Study 5

Yelling: “You can’t do this to me.  We’re having our first grandchild,” were the last words a wife uttered to her dying husband when flying shrapnel from a massive explosion hit and killed him resulting in a large, multi-million-dollar settlement for his family.

Case Study 6

Multi-million-dollar settlement for family of a young, heart transplant surgeon killed in helicopter crash.

Case Study 7

Semi-truck paid policy limits when a young man was hit him from behind while he was riding his bicycle through Georgia from South Florida to Duluth, Minnesota on his way to visit his mom.  He was on his second trip back home.

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