As I stared at a pile of unpaid medical bills, I was certain of one thing: That I needed help. I had never been in this position in life before. All I did was stop for a red light. A few seconds after that, a driver that would register over .20 BAC in a sobriety test hit the back end of our car at 45-50 miles per hour. A lot of changes in my and my wife’s lives occurred in that moment.

The concussion I sustained from the accident caused a brain fog that covered up symptoms that would later surface and reveal effects that will remind me of this event every day for the rest of my life. What became more and more foreboding is that I found that my insurance company, who had done such an excellent job of collecting premiums for years and priding themselves on the delivery of service to their clients, changed from a resource of support to an adversary—they did not want to pay my medical claims, and they started spending my premiums on “expert witnesses”, doctors, and lawyers to prove that my current ailments were caused by conditions that existed prior to the accident. Having never experienced any of this before, I was in a dark place with prayers but eroding hope.

Fortunately for me, one of my health providers referred me to Peter Sandberg. I didn’t know what to expect from Peter’s involvement in my woes. I think I told Peter in my first meeting that my desired result was to get the ledger zeroed out. I had no idea if I was expecting too much. But all I did was stop at a red light. Like you’re supposed to. And now I owed thousands of dollars to health care providers trying to get me back to normal or to a new normal that was yet to be fully defined.

Peter’s experience, knowledge, integrity, confidence, and his excellent assistants gave me a sense of assurance immediately. Over what would end up being almost two-and-a-half years from our first meeting, they researched the event, my medical records and billings, and they advised and counseled me through depositions and the start of an arbitration process. They continued to provide encouragement and evoke patience during times that almost seemed hopeless. They finally managed my case to a settlement to not only zero out the ledger but provide some relief from future impacts my injuries may have on my life.

In the end, my expectations were not only met but exceeded. While I now experience some dread when I see a set of headlights approaching in the rear-view mirror while stopped at a red light, I have learned so much through my own experiences and the advice of Peter Sandberg and his staff that I understand the value that they provided to me and can provide my family members, friends, and others that find themselves in similar situations. They are a lighthouse, a life ring, and a rudder to help you deal with the treacherous shoals you can quickly find yourself in as a result of a motor vehicle accident. I can sincerely recommend their services if you find yourself needing help or an answer to a prayer!

Dan Anderson
Rochester, MN