What To Do When Facing Inmate Neglect

How To Identify & Stand Up To Inmate Neglect

Whether you’re awaiting trial in jail or completing a prison sentence, you’re entitled to constitutional rights. Neglect and abuse are intolerable in America’s prison system, though instances of both happen far too often. 

If you’re experiencing neglect or abuse while behind bars—or if these things are happening to a family member or spouse—consider filing an inmate neglect case immediately with the help of a prisoner neglect attorney. Learn more below about how you can identify jail neglect and stand up against it while you navigate the penal system.

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Protecting The Rights Of Inmates

Despite what movies and television shows often depict incorrectly, inmates have rights while they’re completing their sentences or awaiting trial. Furthermore, cruel and unusual punishment are explicitly prohibited by the U.S. Constitution, so every inmate is entitled to humane treatment no matter their charge or conviction. Inmates have a right to communicate, a right to read basic materials, a right to medical care, a right to adequate food and water, a right to clothing and shelter, a right to practice any religion, and a right to sue prison officials and/or the government for improper treatment. Incarcerated individuals should not feel powerless in the face of maltreatment.

What Inmate Neglect & Abuse Look Like

Neglect and abuse in correctional facilities takes many forms, including:

  • Discrimination
  • Verbal abuse, such as taunting and name-calling
  • Sexual abuse
  • Failure to prevent sexual or physical abuse from other prisoners
  • Failure to understand an individual’s mental state so as to prevent suicide
  • Denial of medical care, especially in an emergency. 

Unfortunately, there are too often instances of inmates being punished for reporting mistreatment, but inmates should not feel as though they’re powerless while behind bars. Corrections officers swear to treat those under their supervision humanely; no instance of neglect or mistreatment will ever be tolerated. 

Whether you face neglect or abuse while completing a sentence, or are aware of neglect/abuse occurring with an incarcerated loved one, get in touch with a qualified and experienced inmate neglect lawyer.

Filing An Inmate Neglect Case

Incarcerated individuals are not expected to deal with neglect or abuse while completing a sentence or awaiting trial. Those who do experience abuse or neglect are encouraged to report instances of mistreatment so the proper remedies can be pursued. This is why contacting a prisoner neglect lawyer is so important. Experienced attorneys like your friends at Sandberg Law Firm have been assisting incarcerated individuals in Rochester and Minneapolis for years, and work tirelessly to ensure our clients are not neglected or abused while they navigate the penal system.

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