I Tripped Over An Electric Scooter: Who Is Liable?

Tripping Over an Electric Scooter: Who’s Liable for Injuries?

Electric scooters have taken America by storm. These modern vehicles were once only popular in major American cities, but now they’ve found their way to suburbs and other more-spacious areas—which means the downsides of these scooters have gone beyond urban boundaries as well. 

Yes, scooters are beneficial for those who need to get around quickly, but some users have a habit of leaving electric scooters all over the place, which puts others at risk of tripping, falling, and injuring themselves; elderly individuals are particularly at risk.

If you have experienced an injury by tripping and falling over a poorly placed electric scooter, then you may be entitled to compensation from the person who left the scooter there. As a note electric scooter liability is generally difficult to prove, but a highly skilled and experienced electric scooter accident attorney can help you put a compelling case together, ensuring you get the compensation you need. 

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Who Can Be Held Liable for a Poorly Placed Scooter

When you first trip and fall over a scooter, you may be wondering who exactly left a scooter in such a poorly chosen location. But this individual is not the only person who may be at fault. In fact, the scooter company, the person who owns the property where the scooter was left, and the city or town in which the accident happened could all be liable. Of course there are crucial factors that must be determined to prove a case, and an electric scooter accident attorney will need these to establish a compelling argument in court. An attorney will want to know:

  • Where the scooter was when you fell over it.
  • What position the scooter was in.
  • What time of day you fell over the scooter.
  • How lighting conditions were.
  • Whether or not you saw the scooter before falling over it.
  • Which company owns the scooter.

An attorney will also ask for photos, so it’s important to take pictures once you trip, fall, and sustain an injury. Take pictures of your injuries and the accident site, and then seek medical attention immediately so there’s a paper trail which documents your injuries.

Some Specific Scenarios That You Should Know About

Electric scooters cannot be left anywhere, and there are a variety of municipal parking rules that apply. An attorney can help you discern which of these apply to you, but in general, e-scooters are vehicles and must obey the same same parking rules. Look out for these illegal parking situations:

  • In a no deployment zone.
  • On a red curb.
  • On an improved boulevard between a sidewalk and a roadway.
  • Within five feet of the intersection of any public or private driveway or alley with any street.
  • Within ten feet of a fire hydrant located on or near any public street. This distance is measured by taking a direct line to the nearest street and measuring ten feet in either direction. All other fire hydrants will be measured as having a no parking zone within a ten-foot circumference of the hydrant itself.
  • Within ten feet of any curbside public or private mailbox.
  • Within 30 feet upon the approach of any flashing school signal, or school sign at the side of a roadway.
  • Except for a bus or taxicab, within a designated or marked bus stop or taxicab stand.
  • Upon any bridge or other elevated structure upon a street.
  • So as to block a fire escape or the emergency exit from any building.
  • At any place where temporary signs prohibit parking, or standing as long as such signs are in place.
  • At any place where official signs or markings prohibit standing or parking.
  • On a street or alley when directed or ordered to proceed by any person or police officer invested by law with authority to direct, control, or regulate traffic.

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