What You Need To Know About Accident Chronic Pain Compensation

Don’t Suffer With Car Accident Chronic Pain: Seek Compensation

Car accidents are traumatic, and the more severe an accident is, the more likely you are to sustain serious injuries from it. On the other hand, accidents that don’t look too serious from the outside (i.e. there’s not a lot of exterior vehicular damage), can still cause significant injury. In this latter case, one might experience debilitating, ongoing pain long after an accident happened. In many cases these injuries are not visible.

Chronic pain syndrome (CPS) is something that not all accident victims know about, and this is unfortunate considering many car accident victims who suffer with CPS don’t know: (1) they’re suffering from a specific medical injury and (2) they may be entitled to accident compensation if they can prove that they developed CPS as a result of a crash.

In the sections below, CPS and other delayed accident injuries will be discussed in detail. If you believe you’re experiencing one or more of these because of an accident, then you should get in touch with an experienced and skilled car accident lawyer to see if you can pursue compensation for your injuries.

Chronic Pain Syndrome

CPS can simply be defined as pain that lasts longer than six months. In most cases CPS is a result of damage to the nervous system. Those who sustain the following injuries from car accidents are also likely to experience CPS:

  • Spinal cord injury or trauma
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Herniated disc
  • Back sprain and strains
  • Whiplash and other neck injuries
  • Arm or leg injuries, such as a dislocated shoulder or fractured leg

Of course, CPS affects individuals differently, and several health factors cause one to experience a more severe case of CPS. For example, if you’re an elderly person with weaker bones and muscles, you may experience acute CPS.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

A rare but more severe kind of chronic pain is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). This debilitating and long-lasting pain is often the result of severe nerve injuries. Individuals who suffer from this experience: burning sensations, shooting pains, muscle spasms, and weakness. Skin temperature changes and discoloration are also common. If you sustain this kind of debilitating injury after an accident, especially one that was caused by no fault of your own, you may consider pursuing legal action to get the accident chronic pain compensation you deserve.

Securing Compensation With A Car Accident Lawyer

Don’t accept chronic pain as a natural result of a car accident. Instead, get in touch with an experienced car accident lawyer to see if pursuing compensation for CPS or CRPS would be beneficial for you. The legal experts at the Sandberg Law Firm have handled many car accident chronic pain cases. Our team has the professionals you need if you’re intent on seeking post-accident chronic pain compensation. Reach out now. Your first consultation is free.