How To Take Effective Car Accident Notes

Making a High-Quality Post-Accident Record: Zero in on These 3 Things

To protect your right to fair compensation after a car accident, it is critically important to take good notes. Along with gathering accurate post-accident evidence to support your claim, writing down how injuries sustained during the accident have affected you since the event can go a long way towards substantiating your damages and showing how you’ve been significantly impacted over the long term. Start recording things as early after the accident as you can. Here’s more on what you should document and how you can take personal injury claim notes successfully.

#1 Start Documenting as Quickly as You Can

It’s best to get an account of the accident written down before your memory fades. The human brain has a tendency to misremember details of events that happened a long time ago. Making a record in the moment serves to attenuate these effects, especially if the intervening time was occupied with injuries and pain.

Be specific in your detailing. If you’re unable to take notes because of injuries sustained during the accident, ask for help from friends or family. And you can get experienced accident attorneys like the team at Sandberg Law Firm to help you with documentation.

#2 Tell Your Story As You Live It 

Your notes will be the story that an experienced accident attorney will use to fight for you. Be as detailed as you can. Accidents can change your life: instead of spending time doing the things you love, you spend a lot of time trying to fix the parts of your life that the accident broke. People tend to minimize their pain and the impact of accidents on their lives especially after they get better. A diary, a journal or a set of notes will help to keep the memory of the daily pain and inconvenience alive. An attorney experienced in this area will help you to record the important details and the manifestation of your accident-related injuries.

#3 Take pictures and video recordings. 

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Videos are as compelling as being there. Take pictures of the accident scene, of your injuries, and the whole process of putting your life together. Pictures and videos have an honesty that is hard to argue with, they will make your case for you.

We Can Help You With Taking Auto Accident Claim Notes

Taking notes after an accident may seem like a tall order, especially if you’ve been incapacitated because of the event. But with the help of qualified attorneys like those on our team at Sandberg Law Firm, you can have an accurate account of what happened that will help an attorney to tell your story to the jury.We would love to explore with you. The initial consultation is free! Call (507) 282-3521 or contact us online.